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Operation options
File : Load data file
Buffer : Support copy, paste, search, fill function
Device : Support chip read, write, erase operation
Window : Compare two data files
Setting : Read&Verify, Write&Verify, Erase&Check Blank configuration

1 General options: Provide General function buttons, simple and easy for operation, include: new, open, save, read, write, verify, check blank,erase,calculator & upgrade

2 Read range: Parts of chips include several data areas, for example EEPROM, FLASH and etc. click on the button select read range

3 Data display: Display the read data or load data, include hex and ASCII format

4 Power configuration: Display the status of power ( VCC, VPP, 12V), support change the voltage of VCC and VPP (The default voltage usually not need to change)

5 Special function options:Provide chips special function, for example parts of chips have read chip ID, set security, reset security etc 
6 Chip option:Select right option according to type,brand and chip

7 Option Information: Display parameter information of current option

8 Connection diagram button: Click on button, get the connection diagram of current chip

9 adapter Type:Display needed adapter of current option

10 Operation Information:Display operation information and saved in "log.bin" file

VVDI Prog Cables and Function:

16Pin Locking Socket

Read the common EEPROOM, note: please insert the chip by following the below picture.

1.3.2 MCU Reflash Cable

Used to program MCU on board