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FLEX is an innovative tool for mechatronic workshops that fully supports the latest developments in the automotive tuning and repair market.

Use your FLEX to easily reprogram, update or modify the software of most engine control units directly through the vehicle's OBD socket. A simple Internet connection gives you access to all the potential that the tool offers you. For more advanced or repair work, use the FLEXBox module to program the control unit in BDM, Bootloader, JTAG and AUD modes. The device detects any connection or communication errors thanks to its cutting-edge design. 

Difference between Master and Slave?

The Master tool is more recommended for advanced users. 

With a Master tool your files will be provided in .bin format, so it will be possible for you to edit them with any software for file editing. 

The Slave tool is more recommended for beginners. 

By purchasing a Slave tool, you will need a file supplier of reference. In fact, your tool will be linked to that supplier who will be the only one who would be able to edit the files. As a Slave tool, your FLEX will only read and write encrypted files, so that you will not be able to edit them by yourself.

As MD Automotive Solutions, we offer you the possibility to link your Slave tool to us and take advantage of our premium file service. In fact, we guarantee you: 

  • Fast response - 1 hour of maximum waiting
  • No automatic solutions - all your files will be analyzed in order to provide you with a solution that fits perfectly to your needs
  • Technical assistance - we will follow you step by step on the correct use of the tool and the proper solution to provide to your customers 
  • 100% Guarantee: - all our files are 100% guaranteed 

Do you want to discover more about prices and services available? Contact us by chat or by email at dariot@mdautomotivesolutions.com 

Annual subscription

Flex comes with an annual subscription which the first year is totally free. 

The subscription provides you with access to the following services: 

  • Technical assistance
  • New protocol updates
  • (only for Master users) 300 Green coins for free per month in your HelpDesk account 
  • lifetime warranty on the tool 

Renewing the annual subscription is not mandatory for keeping on working with the tool. In fact, if you decide to not renewing it, the tool will keep on working with all the functions and protocols (including virtual reads and online protocols) downloaded before the expiration date. 

However, if you want to keep on use the technical support service and you want to download any software update, your subscription must always be active. 

The price of the subscription varies depending on the configuration of your tool: 

  • Master OBD/Bench - € 500,00 per year
  • Master Full - € 800,00 per year
  • Slave OBD/Bench - € 300,00 per year
  • Slave Full - € 500,00 per year