Over 30 amazing new ECUs in StageX!

Over 30 amazing new ECUs in StageX!

Magicmotorsport is starting big, with a breathtaking release of mappacks for SIMOS 19.3 & 19.6 containing up to 650 highly precise & accurate maps. This make you able to enable endless possibilities for virtually every tune - yeah, we are talking about even Stage 3! - on Audi, Porsche, Seat, Cupra, Skoda & Volkswagen vehicles equipped with those ECUs.

And that's not all because there is much more!

Magicmotorsport has prepared for you another astonishing batch of TCUs, this time from Aisin, like AL750, AL1000 & AQ250, so you can now also tune and personalize gearboxes on Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche equipped with those control units to achieve any need!

Furthermore, we have always a focus on Diesel department so we've cooked up precise mappacks for Isuzu Trucks, equipped with 4KH1, 4H06, 4H0, 4H10, 4H15, 6H04, 6H07, 275800 Denso ECUs & many cars from Volvo's gamma equipped with Denso VED/VEA ECUs.

Moreover, for petrol engines - besides from new SIMOS 19.3 & 19.6 ECUs - we make you also able to remap Bosch MG1CP002 & MG1CP004 fitted into Mercedes cars, thanks to Magicmotorsport's highly descriptive and precise mappacks.

Remember that on this new ECUs - like a lot of other supported control units - you are able to check what's inside Magicmotorsport's mappacks directly on ECUlist.stagex.ai

And as always, stay tuned for the next upcoming monthly updates, because Magicmotorsport is preparing for all of you something that is unmissable! If you are still not sure or you want to try out our services remember that you can test out all of the StageX features with Magicmotorsport's 7-day trial, available for everyone completely FREE!

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