What is the repair of the car's ECU?

What is the repair of the car's ECU?

The Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is key in the engine. Therefore, in this article we will tell you what is the repair of the ECU.

You will also learn the main reasons for failures in this part of a car's computer. As well as the precautions you should take to take care of this part correctly.

What is a vehicle's ECU?                    

To understand what the repair of the ECU consists of, we must first know what it is. This part of the engine is responsible for collecting information from electrical sensors.

At the same time, these give warnings about the operation and status of certain elements. For example, of the combustion or the battery. If there were any error, they would activate a warning or alert to communicate that there is an alteration in the operation.

Reasons for which you can repair the ECU

Before analyzing what the repair of the ECU consists of, it is good to know why it can be damaged. The main reasons are:

  • Failure in the programming: It is important to choose a specialized workshop for any reprogramming of the ECU or repair of that part. Since, when not considering the specific characteristics of the manufacturer and model, failures can be generated in its reprogramming.
  • Electrical overload: It is likely that a short-circuit may occur due to a voltage overload. As a result, the entire electrical system wiring would be affected. If this happens, the damaged element must be detected so that the control unit does not have to be replaced.
  • Weather: The vehicle electrical system is insulated and protected. In spite of that, rain could be a cause of damage to vehicle electronics. If the wiring gets wet, it will break down and stop working, requiring replacement of the part.
  • Appearance of cracks: Occasionally, one or more circuit boards in the control unit may crack. Frequent vibrations and temperature alterations produce this effect. Faced with this problem, the solution is to replace the damaged board with another one.

What are the most common faults in an ECU?

The breakdowns that are related to what is involved in the repair of the ECU may be due to internal or external factors. The list of the most common ones is:

  • Voltage overload: it is among the primary causes of motor control unit breakdowns. Normally it is due to some electrical overload that is related to a short circuit in an element of the system.
  • Water inside: If water gets inside the module, it will be seriously affected and must be replaced immediately.
  • Deterioration, vibrations and overheating: This kind of damage can be repaired, that is why its cost is lower compared to others.

How do you know when the ECU needs repair?

By knowing what the repair of the ECU consists of, you will know if it is necessary. However, here are some symptoms to look out for:

  • Low power: The car does not have the usual power in its acceleration or does not respond in the right way.
  • Excessive consumption: A higher fuel consumption, due to an increase in fuel consumption. This would reveal engine inefficiency, due to a lack of proper fuel utilization.
  • Idling: A sign of poor idling performance in the vehicle would make it low, above or below the indicated gear.
  • Production of polluting fuel: A dark and dense smoke is produced and is seen coming out of the exhaust pipe.
  • Immobilization: Difficulty of the vehicle to start.

Of course, you have to consider that the symptoms vary according to the manufacturer and the type of control unit. So the above mentioned or other different ones may occur.

The recommendation is that, if you notice any anomaly or irregularity in the operation of the vehicle, you should take it to a workshop. In this way, the specialists will be able to give an appropriate diagnosis, depending on the problem.

ECU Maintenance Tips

Vehicles require maintenance care in order to work properly. These kinds of measures are essential so that the car does not deteriorate over time. That is why, apart from knowing what is involved in repairing the ECU, it is advantageous to know how to take care of it.

For that, it is essential to check the internal condition of the car, taking it to a garage. In the same way, ECU maintenance services are necessary. These services prevent it from being damaged and avoid the need to have it repaired.

You already know what is involved in repairing the ECU, so here are some suggestions to prevent it from failing:

  1. Have the car serviced periodically.
  2. Use only quality parts and spare parts.
  3. Always resort to professionals.
  4. Check the quality of components, such as cables and sensors, of the different parts of the engine.